2017 REIANO SEPTEMBER 20-Maintenance inspections **- Kristi Deem –

 Landlords-Time for a checkup? 

What if you could have a periodic maintenance inspection of your rental units done by an accredited independent co?

 Wait, before you blow this off hear me out. 

Think about this, it may be a good thing. 


Frees up your time

Pro-active with repairs

Can use contractors more effectively

Time-stamped written conditions of the property.  Maybe a good thing for a hearing or such

Supports credibility for yourself 

Reasonably priced.



 Wednesday September 20th 2017  


We all know how home inspections have come to be as important as the sales contract when buying a property.

Our speaker, Kristi Deem, has taken this to a new level.

Kristi Deem , CPI

Licensed, Certified

Professional Inspector


 In construction, including site coordination and demolition 

Three years experience as property preservation coordinator

 (Dealing with properties in 20 states)

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